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Chronological Roll Call of Councillors

In office Name Ward Positions
2017- S. Kilczewski North Cllr
2016- A. Grover North Cllr
2016- D. Smith North Cllr
2012- A. Baker North Cllr Vice
2011-2017 Mrs J. Ryan North Cllr
2004- Mrs T. Baker North Cllr
2004-2011 Dr C. Uwadi North Cllr
2003- T. Davis South Cllr
2003-2004 T. Von Etzdorf North Cllr
2000- T. Maple South Cllr
1998-2014 I. Bain North Cllr Vice
1994-2003 A.Pringle South Cllr
1993-2001 J.Potts North Cllr
1993-1998 R.Epps North Cllr
1992-2003 K.Goddard North Cllr
1991-2000 Mrs J.McMillan South Cllr
1990-1992 Mrs N.Burton North Cllr
1990-1993 Mrs S.Williams North Cllr Vice
1988-2014 G.Furness North Cllr
1988-1993 Mrs F.Hughes North Cllr
1986- K.Stokes North Cllr
1987-1990 Mrs L.New North Cllr
1986-1988 J.Bartram North Cllr
1986-2012 Mrs P.Blackman North Cllr Vice
1986-1990 R.Eden North Cllr
1983- G.Page North Cllr Vice Chair
1983-1990 C.H.Church South Cllr Vice Chair
1983-1986 Mrs J.Woods North Cllr
1980-1989 C.H.Day North Cllr Chair
1979-1994 Miss S. Knott South Cllr Vice
1979-1982 E.Kite North Cllr
1977-1978 K.McMilln South Cllr
1975-1986 Mrs M.Kite North Cllr
1973-1977 R.E.Tolputt South Cllr
1969-1974 A.B.Richardson North Cllr
1966-1988 Miss V.C.Saunders North Cllr
1966-1979 S.V.Jacobs North Cllr Vice
1957-1978 W.E.Bradshaw North Cllr
1956-1968 S.Filby North Cllr Vice
1955-1956 R.W.Humphrey North Cllr
1952-1982 A.R.Palmer North Cllr Vice Chair
1949-1955 H.A.Todd North Cllr
1948 W.J.Boughton Pre Wards Co-op
1946-1951 C.L.Clough North Cllr Vice
1946-1965 R.M.Swain North Cllr
1941-1948 S.Smith Pre Wards Cllr
1938-1973 A.J.Apps South Cllr Vice
1937-1945 G.Mills Pre Wards Cllr
1937-1941 A.Hawkins Pre Wards Cllr
1935-1948 G.H.White Pre Wards Cllr Vice
1935-1936 S.Wells Pre Wards Cllr
1935-1936 A.Legge Pre Wards Cllr
1935-1975 W.J.Knott South Cllr Vice
1935-1937 P.H.Hoare Pre Wards Cllr
1935-1957 W.E.Lillywhite North Cllr Vice Chair
1935-1945 F.G.Leigh Pre Wards Cllr Vice Chair