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Virtual Tours of Thanington Footpaths

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Footpath CC 58
Virtual Tour From Strangers Lane to the end of CB464, Milton Farm.

Footpath CB 358a
Virtual Tour From junction of CB494 to Iffin Lane (part of New House Farm).

Footpath CB456
Virtual Tour From subway at by-pass (Whitehall Farm) to Carlton Lodge opposite Horton Cottages.

Un-Adopted Footpath Tonford Lane
Virtual Tour Along Tonford Land from South side of River Stour to London to Dover Railway Bridge

Footpath CB464
Virtual Tour From the parish boundary at Milton Farm through farmland to Strangers Lane. Since December 1988 four stiles have been erected along this path.

Footpath CB482
Virtual Tour From CB456 crossing the Dover-London railway, which is the Parish Boundary.

Footpath CB488
Virtual Tour From junction of CB464 and CB488 at Milton Manor Farm to Milton Bridge. (This forms the Parish boundary).

Footpath CB490
Virtual Tour From New House Lane to join CC59, thence to Cockering Road

Footpath CB491
Virtual Tour From CB358a New House Farm to A2 bridge Hollow Lane where it leaves the parish

Footpath CB494
Virtual Tour From Larkey Valley, Cockering Road to CB358a New House Farm

Footpath CB509
Virtual Tour From CB456 to London to Dover railway line.