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Freedom of Information
Core Classes of Information    (download pdf version)                        Return to Regulations Menu

Thanington Without Parish Council acknowledges its duties to adopt and maintain a publication scheme

Person responsible for maintaining scheme: Mr Roger Cheeseworth, Clerk to Thanington Without Parish Council

Members of the public will be able to gain access to information via the following forms of notification:
  1. Parish Council Noticeboards
  2. Parish Council Website
  3. Local Press
A charge will be made for:

  1. Clerk”s additional time
  2. Photocopying of original documents
  3. Postage
1)    Council Internal Practice and Procedure
  • Minutes of council committee and sub-committee meetings - limited to last 2 years
  • Procedural Standing Orders
  • Councils Annual Report to Parish Meeting
2)    Code of Conduct
  • Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  • Members Register of Interest
3)    Periodic Electoral Review
  • Information relating to the last Periodic Electoral Review of council area
  • Information relating to the latest boundary review of the council area
4)    Employment Practice and Procedure
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Job description
5)    Planning Documents
  • Responses to planning applications
6)    Audit and Accounts
  • Annual return form - limited to the last financial year
  • Annual Statutory report by auditor - limited to the last financial year
  • Receipt / Payment books - limited to the last financial year
  • Bank Statements from all accounts - limited to the last financial year
  • Precept request - limited to the last financial year
  • VAT records - limited to the last financial year
  • Financial Standing Orders and Regulations
  • Assets register