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The Thanington Without Parish Precept will remain the same at £ 25,500.00 for the year 2011/12 to allow for continued improvement of projects in the parish. The Parish Council are planning to spend their money on continued support for grass cutting, each councillor will have a £ 300 allowance to spend on a project within TWPC, so lobby your Cllr and more work around the parish.

The Precept is the name for its share of your council tax bill. It is shown on the bottom of your Council Tax and for a Band C property in Thanington Without is about £ 26.00 a year. There are 1070 properties in Thanington Without so the average price is £ 29.25 per household per year

Council Tax Band for properties in Thanington Without
Band No of Properties 2010/11 Precept 2011/12 Precept Proportion of Band D
A 40 £ 19.26 £ 19.50 6/9
B 442 £ 22.47 £ 22.75 7/9
C 233 £ 25.68 £ 26.00 8/9
D 231 £ 28.89 £ 29.25 9/9
E 72 £ 35.31 £ 35.75 11/9
F 28 £ 41.73 £ 42.25 13/9
G 23 £ 48.15 £ 48.75 15/9
H 1 £ 57.78 £ 58.50 18/9