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Tonford footbridge Scenes

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Click here for larger immage The Old Bridge

The crossing house and gates are in use- Mrs Black the crossing keeper lived there for many years - she cultivated the side of the railway line to grow her veg. She also picked watercress from the little stream.
It was later occupied by the St Pierre family who remained there until the crossing gates were sealed off, they then moved to the Whitehall crossing house. The river ford was used by the owners of Tonford Farm to bring loads of fruit from Hollow Lane to the barn for storage.
Click here for larger immage The Second Bridge

This was the first replacement bridge which was swept away in the hurricane, a tree uprooted further up river smashed into it

Pictured - Cllr Pam Blackman and family
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Click here for larger immage The New Bridge Arriving?

The long awaited new bridge arrived. Tonford Lane residents had been asked not to park vehicles in the lane on a certain day but the huge transporter arrived from Holland a day early, but the skilled Dutch driver managed to steer it down the lane.

Unfortunately it did not fit! So we waited several more months for changes to be made and finally we had the bridge again.

On several occasions during the war years Royal Engineers did bridge building exercises (night time) across the river.
Click here for larger immage The New Bridge

The New bridge which still stands over the river Stour today, but we are awaiting the new cycle path and hedce a new cycle bridge. Watch this space.